Spring 2016 on Violet's Farm

I frost seeded my pastures this year and am hoping that will result in lots of delicious pasture for all this summer.

Egg laying season has started (chickens lay more eggs when the days are longer), so we have lots of beautiful, fresh eggs every day.

The younger ewes are pregnant and will be having their babies around Mid-May. It is almost time for the sheerer to come – he comes every year in the spring and cleans up the ladies (and Pepe). Poor PePe’s wool grows long into his eyes, so the shearer will also restore his sight. They all also get their shots at this time, so the antibodies can pass to their babies.

Once the lambs start coming, Pepe will go back to bunking with Charles and Blossom, who are celebrating their first birthdays. Doris will get to go back to bunking with the ladies, and will be glad to be back among her “peeps”.

I would usually have started some vegetable seeds indoors by now, but am thinking I am going to give my vegetable garden a rest this year. And, I am planning on installing an orchard this year – with apples, pears, plums, peaches and apricots. That will keep me plenty busy.


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